Can Dogs Drink Coffee? – What Not to Feed Your Dogs

If you love your dog then you should not take chances when it comes to its health. You should always be careful about what you feed your dog because one wrong food item can have a big effect on its health. Some food items can even cause death among dogs. One of the habits that you should avoid doing is giving your dog scrap food from your table. Some dog owners treat their dogs like they are part of their families. There really is nothing wrong with this behavior. But people need to remind themselves that the nutritional requirements of dogs are different from humans. Food items that are good for humans are not necessarily good for dogs. There are many people asking, for example, can dogs drink coffee? The answer to this and more can be found in the information below.

 Is coffee safe for dogs?

The answer to the question above is no. Dogs cannot drink coffee. This is because coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is not good for dogs. It is a substance that their digestive system simply cannot handle. If you accidentally feed your dog coffee though you should not worry. A small amount of coffee won’t have an adverse effect on the dog. It would take around 8 ounces of coffee before it becomes toxic to dogs. But why take the risk right? Anyway, there is no reason why you should give your dog coffee.

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As a dog lover, you want to make sure that your dog can get a professional care from the right vet. Finding the most reliable Tucson vet for your lovely pets is not a daunting task as long as you know what considerations you have to think about. First of all, you need to arrange an initial appointment without your dog. The purpose is to allow you get the overall feel of the facilities of the vet. What is more, you can have an initial consultation with the vet more comfortably. Then, you need to look around and find out whether the space is clean and well-organized. Do not forget to inquire about how many vets on staff. It is because a vet may be sharing responsibilities for patients. So, they can cover each other during vacations. In addition to it, there are several questions you have to ask to the vet to ensure that they are the most reliable one.

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Veterinary Acupuncture on Animals

Acupuncture is an alternative traditional Chinese medication that involves the insertion and manipulation of needles into different points on the body in order to ease pain and discomfort. Many speculates that this alternative treatment simply works or seem effective on patients due to the placebo effect. Placebo effect refers to the concept of just thinking that the treatment is effective so a patient feels comfort, simply put is a mind over matter way of perception to relieve pain. However, this Acupuncture is nowadays not only used on humans but also on animals. Veterinarians are now also executing acupuncture sessions and treatments on animals which has been producing satisfying if not excellent results. So perhaps, acupuncture is not merely a placebo-kind-of-treatment as it apparently worked on animal treatments.

The first concern in performing acupuncture is if the process could be painful to and for the animals since it involves piercing the body with filiform needles. In actuality, human patients who have undergone acupuncture session may attest that this alternative treatment involves no major pain, but have accounted warmth and tingles instead. Whereas on animals, majority of them fell asleep during the process. And when the animals see their veterinary acupuncturist is approaching them, they acknowledge happily as a sign that they trust the vet and the medications performed on them by the animal doctors does not hurt them. However, there I still a minute number on animals that are not comfortable with the process, the same as with some humans. Read more »

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